This blog is written by students taking English 365: Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Literature at the University of Prince Edward Island. The theme for this course is “The Coffee House,” and we’ve made connections between the physical coffee houses of eighteenth-century London and today’s internet — a kind of virtual coffee house for open debate and the free exchange of ideas.  Students are playing with Twitter (#e365) and with a private class blog as vehicles for communication and the dissemination of ideas.  However, they are also required to contribute to public knowledge in a public forum.  This is the public forum.  Students have been asked to choose a criminal trial (between 1660 and 1789) from The Old Bailey Online and/or The Newgate Calendar, to provide the narrative of that trial in a concise and engaging manner, and also to provide a cultural analysis of that trial: why is it important for us to know about?  what might it tell us about gender, class, religion, society, law  . . . . They have been asked to complete this assignment in 1500 to 2000 words, and to post their “essays” here.


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